BAC Corrosion Control Ltd has developed a range of Switch Mode Power Supply Units (SMPSU) which meet the ever more demanding requirements for impressed current cathodic protection systems in various applications worldwide.

Cathodic Protection Infinity Power Supplies

SMPSU technology addresses the need for extremely efficient, accurate and low ripple control of both current and voltage at low levels and allows a reliable, compact and lightweight approach to converting mains alternating currents (AC) into a highly controllable and suitable direct current (DC).

The system moves away from traditional transformer rectifiers by using high frequency pulse width modulated switching to control the output which reduces component size and weight. The control system uses our standard HMI controller from which all parameters of the unit can be easily set and controlled.

With the integration of GPS remote switching is it now possible to take readings of instantaneous off potential for entire pipeline networks supplied by multiple Cathodic Protection (CP) systems. This allows for greater accuracy when evaluating the levels of protection being provided.


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