Mixed Metal Oxide / Titanium Tubular Anodes are manufactured using titanium, which meets ASTM B338 Grade 1 or Grade 2 standards, which has been coated with Mixed Metal Oxide coating.

The coating consists of IrO2/Ta2O5 and is suitable for use in all cathodic protection applications. Because mixed metal oxide anodes have an extremely low consumption rate, the titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode.

MMO/Ti Anodes can also be provided prepackaged in canisters for ease of installation at site. Please specify as follows

• Size of canister
• Grade of backfill required
• Length of cable outside of canister

Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout the entire coating process, to guarantee proper coating adhesion and loading. Products are tested using to ensure production of the highest quality product, which is fundamental in every step of the manufacturing process.


• Canistered Anodes
• Above Ground Storage Tanks
• Underground Storage Tanks
• Water Storage Tanks
• Horizontal Groundbeds
• Tubular And Sheet Piles
• Vertical Groundbeds
• Deep Well Anode Groundbeds

Tubular anodes are centre connected to the cable of your choice using either a compression interference fit connection, or BAC’s centre crimp tube assembly, both of which give a low resistance and reliable connection.

Anodes can be design for a range of lifetimes and environments, the above figures are given for illustrative purposes. If you have a specific requirement please specify as follows :

Lifetime / Current Output / Electrolyte


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