The performance of impressed current anodes is greatly affected by the choice of backfill they are deployed in.

An ideal backfill should have:

• Low resistivity to reduce anode to earth resistance.
• High porosity to allow gases produced at the surface of the anode to escape.
• Low density to provide high permeability with cost effectiveness.
• In addition, the backfill should flow easily, and be of high purity.

We supply a superior quality backfill, which is dried and screened for increased performance.

Product: BAC–Metallurgical Coke


Size:               Nominally 0 –10 mm(Typically 40% below 1mm)5% max >10.00mm
Bulk Density :  700-850 Kg/m3
Resistivity :      0.5 Ohm. m


Carbon :                       86.5 % min             87.80 % min
Ash abt.                        12.00 % max          11.00 % max
Volatile Matter               1.50 % max            1.20 % max
Moisture                        10.00 % max          7 % max


Packing: 25 kg bags, shrink wrapped on pallets.
Alternative packing available by prior arrangement.


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