The performance of impressed current anodes is greatly affected by the choice of backfill they are deployed in.

An ideal backfill should have:

•Low resistivity to reduce anode to earth resistance.
•High porosity to allow gases produced at the surface of the anode to escape.
•Low density to provide high permeability with cost effectiveness.
•In addition, the backfill should flow easily, and be of high purity.

We supply a superior quality backfill, which is dried and screened for increased performance.

Product: BAC–Calcined Petroleum coke


Size:                   Nominally 0 –1.0 mm 5% max >1.00mm
Bulk Density :      850 to 1,000 Kg/m3
Resistivity :          0.1


Carbon :                         98.5 % min           99.20 % min
Ash abt. :                       0.60 % max          0.40 % max
Volatile Matter :              0.60 % max          0.30% max
Moisture :                      0.3 % max            0.10% max


Packing: 25 kg bags, shrink wrapped on pallets.
Alternative packing available by prior arrangement.


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