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BAC has built a reputation for providing technically sound and cost effective solutions for corrosion control through CP to complex power station structures. Protection against internal corrosion can be provided on plant such as filtration screens, pump internals and condenser water boxes. External corrosion can be prevented on buried structures such as cooling water and fuel supply lines. Manual and automatic impressed current or sacrificial anode systems are all available options.

Corrosion control in Power Stations

Corrosion control in Power Stations, whether coal, gas or oil fired or nuclear, is essential to the safe continued operation of the Station. Cooling water systems use vast amounts of water, very often sea water at coastal and estuary stations and therefore are subject to severe corrosion. Due to the elevated temperatures, corrosion rates are considerably increased.

BAC specialised in the design, manufacture and supply, installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for Power Station cooling water systems and any other pipe work subject to internal or external corrosion.

Cathodic protection systems

BAC utilise, in the main, fully automatic impressed current cathodic protection systems, designed and built in our own factory. The designs take full account of the cooling water conductivity, temperature, flow rate and dimensions of the components of the system to provide a custom designed system to fully meet the requirements.

BAC carry out their designs in accordance with international standards under the control of their ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Each design is carried out to customer, national and international standards to ensure that you are provided with a cost effective and technically sound system.

BAC provides systems for the internal protection

BAC provides systems for the internal protection of cooling water pipe work, filtration screens, intake facilities, pump internals and condenser water boxes. The anode design includes the full provision of suitable mounting assemblies for penetration of the pipe/vessel wall.

BAC also provide impressed current or sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems for the external protection for gas, oil and cooling water supply lines that feed the power stations.


BAC supply Impressed Current Systems (ICCP) and Sacrificial anode systems for Condenser water boxes with both Cupronickel and Titanium Tubes. BAC Systems can be specifically designed to suit client requirements.

Cooling Water and Intake and Discharge Pipe work

BAC have developed Impressed Current Systems (ICCP) systems specifically for the internal corrosion control of Intake and Discharge Pipe work. BAC utilise precious metal anode systems suitable for high turbulent, harsh environments.


Water Intake Areas

BAC supply ICCP and Sacrificial anode systems for the Corrosion Control of Water Intake Areas:

Sheet Steel Piling

BAC supply ICCP and Sacrificial anode systems for Steel Sheet Piling on Power Station Jetties and Intake Channels.

Immersed and Buried External Service Pipe work

BAC supply ICCP and Sacrificial anode systems for the external protection of immersed and buried service pipe work within Power Stations. These would include Gas and Oil, Service Water, Fire Mains and Steam Pipes.

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