Steel In Concrete Cathodic Protection Brochure


Concrete structures with steel rebar reinforcement are subject to corrosion, especially in areas subject to high temperature, salinity and humidity. The need to monitor and maintain these structures and their integrity is crucial whether they form part of an industrial plant , accommodation or foundation supports.

BAC can offer a range of products and systems that will prevent corrosion and /  or help clients monitor corrosion accurately. Dependent on the structure type type, condition and location will determine the type of system and service life we can offer. 

Many types of structures and components

Reinforced concrete can encompass many types of structures and components, including slabs, walls, beams, columns, foundations, frames and many more. Shown opposite is a Ribbon mesh ICCP system installation commonly used in new build infrastructure projects where long life and structural integrity is essential.

What BAC can offer...

- LPR Corrosion Monitoring Equipment 

- Permanent Reference Electrodes

- Impressed Current Power Supplies

- Ribbon Mesh and Overlay Mesh Anodes 

- Remote Monitoring and Control Software 

- Galvanic Anodes for Concrete

- Zinc Layer Anode 

Range of products

BAC offers a range of products to eradicate the corrosion of the rebar. Both Galvanic and ICCP systems are offered which can be suited at either the casting stage or retrofitted to existing structures.

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