Sacrificial zinc anodes imbedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening paste, for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures.

Protection of reinforced structures which are newly build or need to be repaired. Several typical examples of applications :

-Bridge deck or viaduct beam supports and columns
-Bridge decks
-Zones of newly casted concrete adhered onto an existing structure
-Balcony facings and concrete facades

The GSC Super Anodes are based upon a composed zinc core coated with a patented ion-conductive self-moistening overlay paste keeping the anodes active during their entire service-life. These anodes are utilized in those areas where high expectancy of corrosion is ascertained. They guarantee a strong reduction of corrosion and preventing new locations with initiation of corrosion.
The service life of the anodes is directly related to the following variables : total zinc weight per unity surface area, steel surface area (steel density), presence and availability of oxidizing agents (O2, H2O) to maintain the cathodic reactions on the steel structure, and the anode’s capacity.

Thanks to the ease and quickness of the installation application costs can be reduced to a minimum. The eventual driving force between those anodes and the steel reinforcement guarantees a long and corrosion-inhibited service life of the structure.

Typical corrosion defined as galvanic corrosion occurs when two different types of metal are in contact with each other and surrounded totally or partially by an electrolyte. The metal with the most negative electrode potential will corrode
or sacrifice itself to protect the other metal with a more positive Electrode potential. In a similar way the GSC Super Anodes will corrode and sacrificing themselves protecting the steel or reinforcing structure being hooked up onto it.


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