Modular Thyristor Power Supplies We can offer a complete range of modular cathodic protection transformer rectifiers, especially tailored to zoned Steel In Concrete Impressed Current CP systems.
Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Mesh Anodes Mixed Metal Oxide / Titanium Ribbon Mesh Anodes are used for the protection of steel reinforcing re-bar embedded in concrete. A range of Ribbon Mesh sizes are available according to the desired current output / lifetime required.
Mixed Metal Oxide Mesh Anodes Titanium expanded net MMO activated, used as insoluble anode in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection plants of large concrete surfaces.
Permanent Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes for Concrete Permanent Reference Electrodes to monitor the potential of the rebar structures in concrete. For use as part of an ICCP system.
Mixed Metal Oxide Discrete Anodes ISOMMO Discrete Anodes utilise an innovative mixed metal oxide and titanium composition with an integral gas venting system and are specifically designed for use in the cathodic protection of steel reinforced structures such as car parks, bridge decks and abutments and steel framed buildings
GSC Super Anode Sacrificial zinc anodes imbedded in an ion-conductive auto moistening paste, for cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures.
Linear Polarisation Resistance (LPR) Equipment A range of specialist products for monitoring and determining the presence and rate of corrosion to steel reinforcement in concrete structures and buildings.
Zinc Layer Anode ZLA has been designed to operate as an additional anode that replaces all the anodic areas of the reinforced concrete structure. It is applied to the surface of the concrete.
Zinc Roll Anode Galvanic anodes for the protection of steel in concrete. The RollAnode anodes are composed of a multi-layer zinc core with ion-conductive gel They are made by wrapping the zinc sheet with the ion-conducting electrolyte up to reach a diameter of about 25mm with variable length according to request (from 10 cm at 1m).

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