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BAC Announce New Maintenance Programme

BAC Corrosion Control Ltd have been corrosion control specialists for 50 years this year, and in line with the company’s progression and development, BAC have now formulated a new maintenance schedule to ensure past installations are still operating effectively.  

The Telford based cathodic protection experts have been working in various markets including oil, gas and water, installing Impressed Current Cathodic Protection and Sacrificial Anode systems to eradicate corrosion problems of the client.  

However, as time progresses, it is imperative that these systems are regularly inspected, with some systems having been in place for ten years or more. BAC is reviewing their records and contacting the clients in order to advise of the necessity and importance of such inspections.

BAC are in the process of carrying out these inspections to systems installed by BAC, but now aims to visit new customers with aim to highlight the importance of maintaining cathodic protection systems. For clients who had systems installed by companies other than BAC, it is important to ensure that the inspection is independent and bias free, an important factor that BAC would take into account.  

The survey or inspection would involve a cathodic protection technician from BAC visiting the site following background research, and then submitting a report to the client with recommendations and findings from the visit. As part of the report, it is hoped that the next annual inspection can be arranged, and over a period of years, a relationship can develop between BAC and the client, and a full history of the system built up.

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